Tutorial English AI | Online Language Learning AI Assistant Growing with Humans


Recruiting Researchers/Engineers

The Tutorial English AI (NEDO “Online Language Learning Assistant Support that Grows with humans”) project always invites talented and passionate researchers and engineers.

Project Overview

Responding to the growing need for online education brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, our research group will provide advanced English-speaking education support by fully utilizing the conversational AI technology we developed. Using the experience and know-how of Tutorial English, a communication-oriented English-speaking program developed and implemented by the Waseda University Global Education Center and the Waseda University Academic Solutions, English-language experts and AI will work together to determine students’ English-language communication skills. The aim is to realize an online teaching system that is convincing for both students and educators.

This project addresses the pressing issues of the dramatically changing AI-based assistance for online English conversation. These issues include the fundamental theme of how conversational AI should develop socially as it coexists and evolves with humans over the long term. We welcome discussion, debate, and collaboration with those from different fields who are willing to think, discuss, and collaborate curiously and flexibly regarding human speech phenomena. We look forward to hearing various perspectives from fields such as education, linguistics, cognitive science, philosophy, art, machine learning, voice language processing, and dialog processing.

This project aims to develop and operate a large-scale conversational AI system that can be operated in real-world terms, not only as a general university laboratory (e.g., publications of research papers) but also with cooperating companies and research institutes. Regardless of the position of research and development, it is necessary to rotate the R&D cycle in an agile team environment while thinking about the experience sought by users.

Positions Vacant

We are recruiting the following full-time positions at the Perceptual Computing Laboratory, Waseda University Green Computing Systems Research Organization.

In principle, prospective applicants who have obtained a doctoral degree or will have their degree conferred prior to appointment will be preferred. However, depending on the research and development theme, enthusiastic individuals with a strong track record in the field will be recruited regardless of educational qualifications. If desired, researchers/engineers may be hired by a university startup company related to the commercialization of this project.

All positions are offered irrespective of nationality, age, and gender, but it is desirable to have sufficient English skills to enable research, development, and communication among an international membership.

The Position Description and R&D Themes

The following research fields and themes will be studied, and the results will be presented as research papers focusing on the top conferences in these fields, or employed in actual system development. The main research themes are as follows. When applying, please select a theme applicable to your experience and interests.

Required Technical Skills

Desired Fields of Expertise and Experience

Employment Conditions

Number of Recruits

A small number of recruits, regardless of field

Deadline for application

Open until filled

Start date

As soon as possible once employment is confirmed.

How to Apply

Interested parties are asked to prepare a CV/Resume (free form) and submit an application with “Tutorial English AI Researcher/Engineer Application” in the subject line to the principal investigator after having answered the following items (any length acceptable). Replies will be sent upon review at the research institute. Additional documents (such as testimonials, research plans, etc.) may be requested during the selection process.


Principal Investigator
Yoichi Matsuyama
Associate Research Professor
Perceptual Computing Laboratory, Waseda University
matsuyama {at} pcl.cs.waseda.ac.jp